Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date & Update [Apr 2024]

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date: As of November 2023, the second season of Tokyo Ravens is not confirmed and there is no official news about it yet whether the anime will be renewed for a second season or not. However, if the second season of Tokyo Ravens does release, fans will have to wait a long time for the new season of the anime to be announced.

In this post, we have discussed the primary questions running through the minds of the viewers regarding Tokyo Ravens Season 2. Will there be a second season of Tokyo Ravens? If yes, then when can we expect the release date of Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Along with this, we also analyzed more questions, which the fans are also very excited to know. What will be the story of Tokyo Ravens Season 2? How many volumes, episodes and seasons will the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 anime have? Who are the main characters, cast, and anime staff? And everything you want to know about the upcoming S2.

However, before moving on to the important questions of Tokyo Ravens Season 2, if you do not have basic knowledge about this anime, we would like to introduce you to the basic knowledge of anime. After that, there is a possibility of renewing the show for Tokyo Ravens season 2 or not. Continue reading the article to know this.

What is Tokyo Ravens Anime all about?

Before moving on to the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 release date and updates, it is time to know what the Tokyo Ravens anime series is all about.

Tokyo Ravens action, supernatural, fantasy, & romance anime series based on a Japanese light novel. The Tokyo Ravens are also known by this name in Japan. And the anime LN is written by Kōhei Azano and Illustrated by Sumihei.

Tokyo Ravens anime television series is directed by Takaomi Kanasaki, written by Hideyuki Kurata, and produced by Kazuhiro Kanemitsu, Michio Kaiba, Mitsutoshi Ogura, Nobue Osamu, & Saki Kondo. Additionally, music by Maiko Luchi.

If talking about the animation production of this anime, the studio Eight Bit is behind this anime animation for the first season. Eight Bit is a Japanese animation studio that has also produced animated episodes of popular anime series such as Blue Lock, That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime, The Fruit Of Grisaia, Infinite Stratos, and many others.

The first light novel volumes of the Tokyo Ravens anime originally run from May 20, 2010, to the present. In which at present more than 16 + 4 EX volumes of the light novel have been published.

Here is a crucial question for the viewers, how many episodes are there in the first season of the Tokyo Ravens anime? And how many episodes are likely to be in season 2? So a total of 24 episodes have been published in this anime. Also, no official news has come out regarding season 2. Therefore, according to the figures from the previous season, we can expect Tokyo Ravens Season 2 to be about 24 episodes.

If we discuss the plot of the Tokyo Ravens anime, the main protagonist is Tsuchimikado Harutora. In the story, Harutora’s quiet life is thrown into disarray when his childhood friends return, bringing a twist to his pre-ordained fate.

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Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date

Even after the end of the first season, fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of Tokyo Raven. So in this section, we will share with you the complete details of the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 release date and updates.

So there is bad news for you fans. There is no release date for Tokyo Ravens Season 2 because no official news has been announced yet, and no statement has come from any producer, or official, animation production studio Eight Bit. Whether Tokyo Ravens will be renewed for the second season or not.

If we talk about the release of the new season, then the source material, profit figure, and popularity of the anime have a big role to play. Which plays a big role in bringing the new season.

The producers adapted 9 of the 16 light novel volumes into the first season of Tokyo Ravens and there are currently 7 light novel + 4 EX volumes left. As a result, there’s enough source material to cover a new season.

In terms of profits and sales figures, Tokyo Ravens found moderate success in its Blu-ray sales in Japan, with 2,250 units sold per disc. Yes, lower than the benchmark that sells 5,000 units or more, but it can feel like a success. And of course, one should also keep in mind that the anime revenue stream has been changing lately, where the importance of streaming revenue is on the rise. Today’s anime series earn the bulk of their income through online streaming platforms, which has hurt Blu-ray sales figures.

The anime now has 26.7k followers, which is below average according to its popularity. But it turns out that anime shows that are extended for another season typically have 100,000 fans. For the Tokyo Ravens, a decision on a second season is incredibly unlikely.

Overall, looking at the source material, manga author, profit figures, and popularity of the anime, it seems Tokyo Ravens doesn’t deserve a season 2. And the creator of this anime has not made any plans to continue this anime yet. Hence the chances of fans getting a second season of this anime seem slim.

However, there has never been any official word of confirmation or cancellation regarding Tokyo Ravens Season 2. However, it appears that there will never be a second season of the anime. If any kind of statement comes out regarding this anime then we will update this post. Till then you can keep an eye on this post.

As well, to know more about this anime, you can take a look at Tokyo Ravens’s Official Website and Twitter Account.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

As viewers watch the next part of Harutora’s journey in Tokyo Ravens Season 2, each twist of fate, with new developments in his life. With Natsume’s return, it is revealed that she is actually the reincarnation of the powerful Onmyoji, Yakou Tsuchimikado. With this revelation, Harutora and his friends face new challenges and enemies.

Delving deeper into the world of Harutora and Natsume Onmodo, they discover dark secrets and hidden troubles that threaten the balance between the human and magical worlds. In addition, he seeks to confront his personality ghosts and take on the responsibility of understanding his own confused feelings.

In the second season, Onmyoji will delve deeper into society’s complex politics and power struggles, while also exploring the origin and true purpose of Yōkou Tsuchimikado’s legacy. On their journey, Harutora and Natsume will meet new allies and rivals as they learn more about themselves and their twin destinies.

Finally, Tokyo Ravens Season 2 promises to bring more action, suspense, and emotion as Harutora and his friends journey into the dangerous world of Onmodo, trying to protect the ones they love.

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Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Trailer

There is no word on whether the anime season 2 will return any time soon. However, we will update this section whenever Tokyo Ravens returns with a trailer for its second season. Until then, you can enjoy the trailer of its first season for now.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Main Character, Cast, & Anime Staff

I. Character & Cast

Character NameJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
Harutora TsuchimikadoKaito Ishikawa, Risa Taneda (Young)Clifford Chapin
Natsume TsuchimikadoKana HanazawaCaitlin Glass
Touji AtoRyōhei KimuraIan Sinclair
Suzuka DairenjiAyane SakuraJad Saxton
Kyouko KurahashiEri KitamuraLeah Clark
Tenma MomoeHiro ShimonoJosh Grelle

II. Staff & Position

Anime Staff PositionStaff Name
DirectorTakaomi Kanasaki
Series CompositionHideyuki Kurata
Music ByMaiko Luchi
Animation ProductionEight Bit


Will there be a Season 2 of Tokyo Ravens?

At the time of writing, there is no official news that the Tokyo Ravens anime will be getting the season or not. However, after considering everything from the source material to the profits, and popularity of the anime. It appears highly unlikely that Tokyo Ravens will get a second season. The creators have not made any official plans to continue the series, so unfortunately, the chances of a sequel are slim.

When Is Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Coming Out?

As of now, there is no official update regarding the exact release date of Tokyo Ravens Season 2. Also, so far no official news has come from any producer, or official, animation production studio Eight Bit whether the Tokyo Ravens anime will be renewed for a second season or not. If we get any kind of official news regarding this anime, then we will update this post. Till then keep an eye on this post.

How Many Volumes of Tokyo Ravens are there?

At the time of writing, there are sixteen + four EX light novel volumes of Tokyo Ravens anime that have been released. The first volume was published on May 20, 2010, and the light novel series continues to go on. As well, fifteen volumes of the manga are available.

How Many Episodes Is Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

As of now, there is no news about whether Tokyo Ravens Season 2 will release or not. So we can only guess that if Tokyo Ravens season 2 happens then season 2 anime will have around 24 episodes. According to the previous season, the first season of this anime had a total of 24 episodes. As a result, fans can expect season 2 to have around 24 or fewer episodes.

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Tokyo Ravens Season 1 was available for streaming on multiple OTT platforms, such as Crunchyroll, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, Justwatch, Funimation, and Prime Videos. There is a high chance that full episodes of Tokyo Ravens Season 2 will also be available to stream on Crunchyroll, as the first season was broadcasted on the same platform. Besides, Crunchyroll is the most popular streaming platform for anime shows, offering a vast amount of episodes and series.

Tokyo Ravens Anime Series Review and Rating

IMDb7.3 out of 10
Myanimelist7.4 out 10
Crunchyroll4.5 out of 5
JustWatch75% out of 100

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