Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast & Other Info

Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date: Hey anime watchers! Are you trying to find out when Black Lagoon season 3 will be released? Unfortunately, there is currently no official confirmation yet whether Black Lagoon will get a second season or not.

Meanwhile, also no news regarding the cancellation of season 3 has been made.

Will there be a third season of Black Lagoon? is one of the most often asked questions about the anime. We have answered it in this post. If so, when will the third season of Black Lagoon air?

Specifically, we’ll provide you with all the information you need about Black Lagoon season 3 including the question addressed here, Black Lagoon plot and what will happen next, how many episodes and volumes the series will have, who are the creators and main characters, and so on.

But before you move on to these questions, you should first gain a basic understanding of the Black Lagoon anime Television series.

The Black Lagoon anime television series is based on a successful Japanese manga written and illustrated by Rei Hiro. It was also known as the same name Black Lagoon in Japan. And from April 19, 2002, to the present, Shogakukan has published twelve volumes.

The first season and the second season “The Second Barrage”, as well as the Black Lagoon OVA “Roberta’s Blood Trail” animated by Madhouse Studios. And directed and written by Sunao Katabuchi.

Black Lagoon’s second season finished in 2006, and it has been sixteen years since then. Many fans already look forward to the next season. So let’s examine whether Black Lagoon will have a third season.

Will there be a Season 3 of Black Lagoon?

Rokuro Okajima, Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date

Sixteen years have passed since Season 2 of Black Lagoon ended on December 19, 2006. And yet the fans of this anime are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the next season of Black Lagoon.

Presently unexpected news for this anime watcher. The second season of Black Lagoon has not yet been revealed. Meanwhile, neither Madhouse Studio, Shogakukan, nor any of the producers have officially announced that the anime would get a third season.

Although, it was also not declared the anime will cancel. And the Black Lagoon anime series is really old and its first season was released on April 9, 2006.

Following the Black Lagon’s two profitable seasons. Nevertheless, we don’t think the third season of Black Lagoon will ever be broadcast. The manga is the key factor behind the lack of announcements. The next season of this anime doesn’t have enough material to use.

possibly due to the many gaps in the manga. All but one of the currently published arcs have been covered by the current anime and OVA. Therefore, if a third season is produced right away, it will either be too short or the anime’s creators will have to come up with a new plot to cover the time.

Still no material for the new season. So, as of now, a third season seems unlikely. Further, as soon as we learn anything new about Black Lagoon season 3 via the official website, official Twitter account, or any of the anime creators. Then w We’ll inform you through this post.

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What is the Plot of Black Lagoon? Next, what will happen?

Revy, Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date

The story begins with the introduction of our main character Rokurou Okajima, who is a Japanese businessman. And he is living a useless life where he is suppressed under his boss and senior.

He is given the task of transporting a disc but is never told where the disc is to be taken. And he never reaches there because his ship gets attacked. Then our main character Rokurou Okajima is introduced to the Lagoon Company, which is a group of bounty hunters.

And they are given the task of stealing the disc that Rokurou Okajima has. Bounty Hunters take Rokurou Okajima with them thinking that they will earn more money with his help. And when Rokurou Okajima comes to know that his boss does not care for him at all. Because of this, he joins with the Lagoon Company.

Then our main character Rokurou Okajima even gets a new name, Rock. The main highlight of its story is its action. The viewers of this anime enjoy more about its action. However, in this anime, you will see organized crime, girls with guns, and the thriller Celia present.

If we talk about the story of the second season, the focus has been on Revy and Rok. Those who are associated with the Lagoon Company. Revy is a female character. And no ahem role of Dutch is seen in seasons 1 and 2. The second season has also animated by madhouse studio and its opening and ending music is similar to the first season.

Friends, if you want to know the full story of this anime in-depth, then you can watch the full 24 episodes of season 1 and season 2, which are available on many free and paid platforms.

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Black Lagoon Season 3: Manga

Dutch, Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the Black Lagoon manga has been written and Illustrated by Rei Hiroe. And that manga was published in Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday Gene-X Magazine.

How many Black Lagoon volumes and chapters are there in the first season, which is the most relevant question here?

So, there are currently 12 Manga volumes of Black Lagoon that have been serialized yet. It has 109 manga chapters covered and each volume has consisted of nine on average. And It was initially run from April 19, 2002, till the present.

December 12, 2002, the first volume of Black Lagoon was actually published in Japanese. And its first book was translated into English on August 12, 2008. And the 12th volume of the final manga has truly been released on August 19, 2021.

Japanese publisher Shogakukan originally published the manga volumes. Moreover, its English publisher is Viz Media.

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Black Lagoon Season 3: Anime

Benny, Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date

The Black Lagoon anime Television series is based on successful Japanese manga. That was directed and written by Sunao Katabuchi.

As well, both season 1 & 2 of the Black Lagoon anime series was animated by Madhouse Studio. It is a Japanese animation studio that has also produced animated episodes of popular anime series such as One Punch Man, Cardcaptor Sakura, Monster, Hellsing Ultimate, Trigun, and many others.

A licensing agreement has been held by Crunchyroll, Universal, &Anime Limited. Its original networks are CTC, Tokyo MX, KBS, tvk, NBN, SUN, and much more. As well, the anime series initially ran between April 9, 2006, and June 25, 2006.

How many episodes are there in the first and second seasons of Black Lagoon? is another major subject.

So, the anime television series Black Lagoon currently has 24 episodes. Also, Approximately 23 minutes are runtime for each episode.

The first season’s presentation of “The Black Lagoon” was on April 9, 2006. Moreover, “Guerrillas in the jungle,” the season’s final episode, aired on June 25, 2006, during the summer. And the Second Barrage’s 12 episodes of Season 2 had been shown between October 3 and December 19, 2006.

Moreover, the 5-episode OVA “Roberta’s Blood Trail” is available to stream. That was similarly animated by the same studio and has the same writers and illustrators. The basically run of it lasted from July 17, 2010, until June 22, 2011.

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Black Lagoon Season 3 Release Date

After a gap of sixteen years since episode 24th of the second season ended in 2006. There has been no official confirmation yet that Black Lagoon will return for a third season or not.

As soon as we get any official announcement about Black Lagoon season 3 and its exact release date. Therefore, we’ll let you know in the latest update to this post.

However, based on this anime review, we can say that there will never be the third season of Black Lagoon. And the chances of getting the next season of this anime are also less. Because there is not enough material in the manga to cover season 3.

Still, it is not possible to decide the release date for Black Lagoon Season 3. In spite of the fact that the second season ended on April 4, 2008. Since then, today has been about to be sixteen years and no official announcement has been made regarding its release date.

Although, we might get to see Season 3 of Black Lagoon if the manga has a good ahead schedule and enough material. But it’s been 16 years since the successful completion of Seasons 1 and 2 of this anime. That’s why it seems that the Black Lagoon season 3 release date will never happen now.

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Black Lagoon Season 3: Trailer

Black Lagoon Main Character, Cast, and Anime Staff

1. Character & Cast

CharactersJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
BennyHirata HiroakiBrian Drummond
DutchTsutomu IsobeDean Redman
Rokurou OkajimaDaisuke NamikawaBrad Swaile
RevyMegumi ToyoguchiMaryke Hendrikse

2. Staff & Position

Anime Staff PositionStaff Name
DirectorSunao Katabuchi
Written ScriptSunao Katabuchi
Music ByEdison

Black Lagoon Season 3: FAQs

Where Can I watch Black Lagoon season 3?

The possibility of Black Lagoon season 3 becoming available on Netflix is high. Although streaming may be made available on any of these platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, HULU, & many others.

Black Lagoon Anime Series Review & Rating



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