Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date & Update [Apr 2024]

Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date: Do you want to know when Darwin’s Game will be released? Unfortunately, it’s officially not yet found any information that Darwin’s Game getting a second season as well as when will be season 2 coming out. So, we will update this post if we receive any new information about Darwin’s Game season 2 anime series.

In this article, we will discuss all available information about Darwin’s Game season 2. Here most of the people are reaching this area to know, Darwin’s Game will be getting season 2. If yes, when will season 2 come out?

Also, we are covering many topics about Darwin’s Game season 2 such as, how many episodes and volumes there will be. What is the plot of Darwin’s Game and what will happen next? and everything you need to know about that.

First, before reaching the most well know questions of Darwin’s Game anime television series. You need to know some basic information about Darwin’s Game anime series.

Darwin’s Game is one of the best anime television series based on Japanese manga. That was written by Shū Miyama and illustrated by Yoshinobu Tokumoto. Which include amazing genres such as action, mystery, sci-fi, etc. Also, you will look at wonderful themes high stakes games, superpowers, and survival. etc.

The Darwin’s Game has been originally run from January 3, 2020, to March 20, 2020. And this anime television series has animated by Nexus Studio.

What is Darwin’s Game Season 2 all about?

Shuka Karino (Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date)

In the beginning, we see a boy who is running away from someone. Then he calls a friend of his. Only then did he see that the road ahead of him ended. Then he sees in the GPS of his phone that an invisible person has come to him. Then he attacks that invisible person with his weapons.

But nothing happens to that person. Then that invisible person kills that boy at the same time. After that, he leaves there. Then we are shown the scene of a school ahead. There is the main character Kaname Sudo is talking with his friends. Just then one of his friends asks about Hamada.

Kamane says that today Hamada has not come to school and after hearing this his friend going from there. Then Kamane receives an invitation to Darwin’s game. And he accepts the invitation to this game. After that, the snake of Darwin’s game comes and bites it. Due to the bite of the snake of that darwin’s game, Kaname is unconscious at the same time.

Then a timer starts running in his phone. On the other hand, a girl comes to know about Kaname that He has joined a game. Then we see that Kaname wakes up in front of a doctor. There he is asked to sign on some paper, then while he signs his pen falls down. Then Kaname while lifting that pan sees that some kind of power is active in his hand. Then he signs and leaves from there.

Then later he sees that the pen given by the doctor has doubled with me. And their Kaname comes to know of his own power that he can make anything double or double. Then he starts thinking about darwin’s game while traveling on the train and finally, he starts the game. And he has a battle with an invisible person that we saw in the starting. And that invisible person is on the same train and the battle has started. Then, the invisible man attacks Kaname.

But Kaname somehow escapes and as soon as the train stops at the station, Kaname starts running away. And that invisible person is also following him. Kaname then reaches an officer on the run and asks him for help. That officer tries to help Kaname, then that invisible person easily kills that officer.

Then we see further than that invisible man goes to kill Kaname as well. But then a friend of his comes and injects that invisible person. Because of this he becomes injured. And his friend can see any invisible person with his eyes. Kaname did not know about this. And his friend was slightly injured at that time. Then Kaname runs away with his friend from there.

And then that invisible person after some time after seeing the fallen blood of Kaname’s friend follows him and reaches his location.

There both Kaname and his friend were sitting in hiding. Kaname says that he will call for an ambulance to the hospital. Then his friend tells him that when the battle is going on, you cannot contact any world outside. Still, Kaname calls the hospital. But his call is not taken.

And on the other hand, he was searching for the invisible main name with the help of his phone. And at the same time, Kaname gets a message from a girl on her phone which we had seen in the beginning. And that girl is telling Kaname, she can track you with the help of that app. Kaname gets shocked knowing this. And on the other side, he has reached the invisible person Kaname.

Ryūji Maesaka (Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date)

Then both of them start going somewhere else from there and Kaname speaks to his friend after this game is over, I will take you to the hospital. Then later Kaname challenges that invisible person to come after him. After that, we see in the story Kaname was sitting and hiding under a bathroom. And there too the invisible person reaches that location while tracking.

Then that invisible person comes near the bathroom and shoots with a gun, but the Kaname is not there. Then Kaname attacks the invisible person from behind and only then there is a fight between them. But he kills the invisible person Kaname and throws it away. Then he is going to attack Kaname by raising his gun, only then a car comes and gives bulk to that invisible person. Because of this, he falls far away.

Then after that, a notification comes to Kaname’s phone. From this, he comes to know that he has won a darwin’s game. As soon as winning this battle of Kaname, that invisible person starts disappearing from there. Then Kaname asks what is darwin’s game, then that invisible person becomes instantly devastated. And a strange Nissan becomes at that place.

Then further we see in the story, Kaname goes to his friend while talking on the phone with someone, then he gets shocked seeing that place. Because the same marks were made at that place, he understands that his friend has also disappeared. Then suddenly a message comes on his phone. And when he checks that message, he comes to know that the friend who has disappeared has sent this message. And in his message, it was written survive.

Thus begins the story of Darwin’s Game Season 1 as follows. Friends, we found this story amazing. If you want to read the full story of season 1, then you will get it on the internet source. Many viewers are also eager to learn the plot of Season 2 and the release date for Darwin’s Game. You will learn more about it if you read the section below.

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Will there be a season 2 of Darwin’s Game?

Rein Kashiwagi (Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date)

As far as the second season of Darwin’s Game is concerned. No official has made any announcements regarding whether or not the show will get a second season.

After episode 11 of Darwin’s Game Season 1 ended, we got to see the official news. That season 2 was to be held in the spring of 2020 but it did not happen.

And at that time Netflix was chosen for streaming and since then to date, there has been no official announcement regarding season 2 of this anime. Neither its Nexus studio nor Netflix has disclosed it.

The first season of the anime Darwin’s Game aired on January 3, 2020, and ran until March 20, 2020. After the first season’s 11 episodes were completed, viewers of this anime series are very excited for the second season to start.

Based on our studies, considering the source of the material of manga, it is likely that Darwin’s Game will receive a second season.

However, we find any official information on the second season of Darwin’s Game from its author, Nexus Studio, Netflix, and any staff. So after that, we’ll soon update this post.

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Darwin’s Game Season 2: Manga

Ichiro Hiiragi (Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date)

Darwin’s Game anime television series is fully based on Japanese manga. That was written by FLIPPLOPs and Published by Akita Shoten. it was originally run from December 12, 2012, to the present.

Initially, the first volume was published on June 7, 2013 (Japanese). And the last manga volumes of Darwin’s Game were released on June 8, 2022.

At this time, there are 26 manga volumes of Darwin’s Game have been serialized yet. It has 112 manga chapters covered and each volume has consisted of 4 on average. And 32 manga chapters have been included in the first season.

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Darwin’s Game Season 2: Anime

Darwin’s Game is an anime television series based on a Japanese manga and an anime series written by Shū Miyama, directed by Yoshinobu Tokumoto, and music by Kenichiro Suehiro. Also, the anime series is animated by Nexus Studio.

Aniplex of America had a license for it, and the original run date was set for January 3, 2020, to March 20, 2020. Along with Tokyo MX, BS11, GTV GYT, etc., these networks are its originals.

Darwin’s Game anime television series has currently a total of 11 episodes. During the first season episode 1 titled “First Game” aired on January 3, 2020. And during the spring of 2020, the last episode 11 called “Sunset Ravens” was aired on March 20.

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Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date

Sui/Sōta (Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date)

There is Bad news for all anime fans since, after the end of season 1 final episode 11, it hasn’t been decided that Darwin’s Game will get a second season.

As soon as we know anything official about Darwin’s Game and its exact release date. So we’ll let you know in a new update to this article.

According to the source material, we can say that Darwin’s Game will get a second season because there are still 80 manga chapters out of 112. It also used 32 chapters from the manga in its first season.

As of the first season of Darwin’s Game, we may be looking at 2 more seasons for its anime series. That is 100% enough to cover two seasons.

Nothing can be said about the release date of Darwin’s Game Season 2 because it was to be released during the spring of September 14, 2020. But no official announcement has been made regarding this anime yet.

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Darwin’s Game Season 2 Trailer

Darwin’s Game Main Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

1. Character & Cast

CharactersJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
Kaname SudōYūsuke KobayashiStephen Fu
HamadaHirose YuyaClifford Chapin
Shuka KarinoReina UedaAlexis Tipton
Rein KashiwagiNichika ŌmoriTia Ballard
Ryūji MaesakaTaku YashiroJarrod Greene
Sui/SōtaYumiri HanamoriBrittany Lauda
Liu XuelanAi KayanoKatelyn Barr
Ichiro HiiragiTakehito KoyasuChris Wehkamp

2. Staff & Position

Anime Staff PositionStaff Name
DirectorYoshinobu Tokumoto
Written ScriptShū Miyama
Sound CompositionKenichiro Suehiro

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Is Darwin’s Game getting a season 2?

Currently, it is unknown whether Darwin’s Game getting a second season or not. The release date was set for September 14, 2020, during the spring. Despite this, no official announcement has yet been made about this. But keeping in mind the source of material, its total is 26 volumes but in season 1 only 8 volumes have been used. And there are still 18 volumes left.

Where can I watch Darwin’s game season 2?

Darwin’s Game was to be released on September 14, 2020 spring. And at the same time, Netflix was selected for streaming. Due to this fact, we can say Netflix will likely stream season 2 in the near future. In addition, Crunchyroll provided streaming access to Darwin’s Game’s first season.

What’s the strongest sigil in Darwin’s game?

The strongest Sigil in Darwin’s Game is the “Ouroboros Sigil”. It is the highest-level Sigil and the most powerful one. It grants the user the ability to manipulate the environment, granting them access to the power of the natural world. It also gives them control over their own body, allowing them to heal faster and gain enhanced strength. Additionally, it grants them access to the power of the spiritual world, allowing them to communicate with the dead and summon powerful entities. This Sigil is the ultimate power for anyone wishing to gain control of their environment.

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Darwin’s Game Anime Series Review & Rating


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So friends, by reading the above article you must have come to know about Darwin’s Game season 2 release date. We think we have covered mostly queries regarding the anime television series. If we will find any more official information regarding them then we will just update this post.

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