Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, & Trailer (2023)

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date: Dr. Stone is one of the best anime series based on the Japanese manga, written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. In which unique genres such as animation, action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, etc.

Dr stone’s first season was regularly published from July 5, 2019 – present. And this series was animated by TMS Entertainment Studio.

Hello, anime series lovers, are you really the biggest fan of this anime series then you have picked one of the best anime series to watch. And here most people are reaching this blog post to know when Dr. Stone Season 3 will be out.

In this post, we are going to cover the most important question which is running in the mind of the viewer regarding the Dr. Stone anime series.

So the question going on in the minds of most of the viewers is when will Dr. Stone Season 3 happen? If will premiere, when will Dr. Stone season 3 release date?

Additionally, we are covering a lot of topics like how many episodes and volumes there will be. What is Dr. Stone’s plot and what will happen next? as well as everything you need to know. about Dr Stone season 3.

So that you get familiar with this anime series. It is certain that after reading the following section you will have good learning about Dr. Stone’s anime series.

What is Dr Stone all about?

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date

Dr. Stone’s anime series is based on Japanese manga and is among the most popular. It has witnessed an astounding range of genres included. Throughout DR Stone Season 1, all episodes premiered from January 14, 2021, to March 25, 2021.

The most powerful character in this Dr. Stone anime series is the main protagonist, Senku Ishigami.

The story started in the chemistry lab. Where the main protagonist is Sankuu that is a science genius. One day when Sanku is performing chemistry, his childhood friend Teju enters and tells him that his 5-year-old friend is about to propose to Yuzuriha.

Then at that time, Taiju is proposing to Yuzuriha, when Teju’s attention goes to the green light coming behind him. Which was coming covering the whole city. That light was a Petri fiction ray, the living thing that came under it was turning into stone. This green light was seen all over the world. Due to this, all living organisms turned into stones.

Taiju is still the only survivor despite the passing of many years. Then he starts looking for Yuzuriha and finally finds her in the form of a Stone. Where it is written by Yuzuriye, follow the river and reach downstream.

When Taiju reaches there, he finds Sankuu, then Sankuu tells him that October 5738 is going on, which means the statues were made for3700 years. After that, both start making liquids in an effort to save the whole human race.

However, Taiju survived in a cave where a liquid was pouring over him from above. Both of them came to know about this thing only after going there. Then both of them used experiments with liquid. In the end, his experiment is successfully done on a bird. Then he revives Yuzuriha through the experiment.

Senkuu and the Empire of Science must stop Tsukasa’s armies in order to achieve their objective of restoring mankind and all of its inventions. They must reunite with old friends and earn new allies in the process.

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Will there be a Dr Stone Season 3?

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date

After the first & second seasons of this series ended on March 25, 2021. As well as after watching the Dr Stone season 1 & 2, viewers of the anime series are very excited for the third season.

The viewer of the anime series has been the biggest question going on in his mind. Will there be a third season of Doctor Stone, if yes? and when will Dr. Stone season 3 come out?

So we can say with certainty that there will be a third season of Dr. Stone with the working title of Dr. Stone’s New World. The third trailer for its popular anime series has been publicly released. Sanku is also present once again in this season.

Finally, after waiting a long time viewers got the Dr. Stone season 3 release date.

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How Many Volumes of Dr Stone Season 3 Are There?

Initially, the first volume was published on July 4, 2017 (Japanese) and September 4, 2018 (English). Dr Stone ended with volume 26 which was written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by artist Boichi on July 4, 2022.

So, there are currently 26 volumes of the Dr. Stone manga series. There are 232 chapters covered and each volume has consisted of 8 on average. The character of the final Volumes is played by Senku Ishigami, Stanley Snyder, Kohaku, Ryusui Nanami, Gen Asagiri, etc.

Dr. Stone manga volume 26 ended with chapter 232.

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Dr Stone Season 3: Manga vs Anime

Dr stone is a fully anime Japanese manga-based series that was written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. That was originally run from March 6, 2017, to March 7, 2022. For twenty-six volumes under its imprint Jump Comics.

The series ended serialization on March 7, 2022. Shueisha collected its 232 individual chapters into twenty-six tankōbon volumes, released between July 7, 2017, and July 4, 2022.

The Dr Stone season 1 anime Television series ran for 24 episodes from July 5 to December 13, 2019, on Tokyo MX and other channels. The first opening theme is “Good Morning World!” by Burnout Syndromes and the first ending, theme is “Life” by Rude-α.

This anime television series was Director by Shūhei Matsushita, written by Yuichiro Kido, and music by Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, & Yuki Kanesaka. The anime series is animated by TMS Entertainment.

The second season has covered 11 episodes from January 14 to March 25, 2021. and officially titled Dr. Stone: Stone war. and opening them is Rakuen by Fujufabric and ending with Koe theme by Hatena.

Its next arc predicts that it may contain roughly 24 episodes.

The age of exploration arc has 18 chapters not enough for 12 episodes that are the next coming arc. Therefore, One more arc will be added Treasure Island arc which has 38 chapters.

Thus, the Age of Exploration arc and Treasure Island arc mangas are added, totaling 56 chapters, which is enough for 24 episodes. As a result, we can say that there is a high possibility that season 3 will consist of 24 episodes.

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Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date

This anime fan has good news. The Dr. Stone season 3 release date has been officially announced as April 2023. However, this precise date has not been released publicly.

Along with the release date of Dr. Stone Season 3, an official trailer has also been released. We have included its trailer in the part below. In the trailer, We didn’t get to see anything special but we saw that the third season is titled New World.

Additionally, based on the plot and material source, we can conclude that Dr. Stone season 3 will consist of 24 to 25 episodes.

It seems Sankuu is returning with a new look in Season 3, and Dr. Stone’s staff has also announced the story will be ending soon. The final arc of the series has also begun.

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Dr Stone Season 3 Trailer

On April 30, 2022, the Dr stone season 3 trailer was officially publicly out So here we have shared a Trailer of Dr. Stone season 3 for this anime viewer.

If you want to see the anime trailer right away, just click the YouTube icon or button, and the trailer will start playing shortly after.

After watching the full trailer you can understand that Senku Ishigami is a comeback in Dr. Stone Season 3. And he continues his work to revive the entire humanity from stone. Also in season 3, you will get to see yet another new character.

On the Official Dr. Stone Twitter Account, we’ll update this post if we find any new information regarding the Dr. Stone Season 3 release date.

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Dr Stone Main Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

In this part, we have coved all the main character and cast as well as the anime staff & their position with the help of the two tables below. After reading this section, you will have no doubt about your mind regarding it.

Unique characters and cast members are listed in the first table along with their names. As you can see below, we have listed character names and voice actors in both Japanese and English.

As a result, after reading the second table, you will learn the names of the staff members and their positions in Dr. Stone season 3.

1. Character & Cast

CharactersJapanese Voice ActorEnglish Voice Actor
Senkuu IshigamiYushuke Kobayashi, Mikako KomatsuAaron Dismuke, Mikaela Krantz
Taiju OkiMakoto FurukawaRicco Fajardo
Yuzuriha OgawaKana IchinoseBrittany Lauda
Tsukasa ShishioYuichi NakamuraIan Sinclair
Gen AsagiriKengo KawanishiBrandon McInnis
ChromeGen SatoMatt Shipman
KohakuManami NumakuraFelecia Angelle
SuikaKarin TakahashiSarah Wiedenheft

2. Staff & Position

Anime Staff PositionStaff Name
DirectorShinya Iino
Written ScriptYuichiro Kido
Sound CompositionTatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Yuki Kanesaka
StudioTMS Entertainment

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Dr. Stone Season 3: FAQs

Who is the new character in Dr. Stone season 3?

Ryusui Nanami is featured in Dr. Stone: New World as a new character. This new special, titled Dr. Stone: Ryusui, was originally scheduled to air in the summer of 2022, but it will now air in 2023. And the third season will serve as a bridge between Dr. Stone: Stone Wars and the upcoming season 3. The special will once again be produced by TMS Entertainment and the voice of Ryusui will be provided by Ryota Suzuki.

Is Dr Stone Manga Finished 2022?

The release date for Dr Stone season 3 has been officially announced. Therefore, we can say that Dr Stone Season 3 manga has ended, but that’s not true. The Treasure Island ARC with 38 chapters is being added to it. Which will be enough episodes in season 3 of Dr. Stone.

When is Dr Stone Season 3 Coming Out?

April 2023 during the summer. The release date for Dr Stone season 3 has been officially announced. Additionally, the writer of Dr. Stone has also announced that its story will end soon. Its final arc has started. Thus, the third season of Dr. Stone will release in April 2023.

How Many Episodes In Dr Stone Season 3?

Season 3 of Dr. Stone will consist of 24 episodes. The upcoming release of Manga has 18 chapters which is not enough for 12 episodes. Thus one more extract Treasure Island arc is being added which has 38 chapters so we can say that the total is 56 chapters which are enough for about 24 episodes according to the comparison of season 1 and season 2.

How many chapters will Dr. Stone season 3?

Dr stone season 3 has 56 chapters available which are enough for the third season. There were 18 chapters left after season 2 which was not possible for season 3 so a Treasure Island arc was added which has 38 chapters. As a result, by adding the chapters of both arcs, 56 chapters are formed.

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Dr Stone Anime Series Review & Rating

Most people like to read reviews and ratings before watching a series. As a result, we’ve created this area, especially for this anime series viewer who wants to learn about the review and rating of Dr. Stone season 1.

You can see the ratings for three websites that are listed IMDb, MyAnimeList, and Crunchyroll below. These websites are the biggest and most well-liked websites for anime series, and viewers gave them an authentic rating.


So we can definitely say that you will love Dr Stone rating and review which is the awesome rating received by the audience on these sites. As a result, you can start watching this anime series and it is currently available to watch for two seasons.

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In conclusion, we have covered everything you need to know about Dr. Stone season 3. Usually, Dr Stone viewers are mostly wondering when the third season of this anime series will be released. We have also added some important information, so after reading the full article you will learn much more about Dr. Stone’s anime series.

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